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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Over Easy

I pirated this from my daughter's blog. I see some conji in the right hand corner, so this is Asian of some sort. Trust them to take everything to the unth degree. It's a beautiful Fall Sunday morning here at the Funny Farm. I'm looking out on our fruit heavy branches-to-the-ground crabapple tree. Still waiting for the jelly patrol/brigade to show up at my door. And waiting...and waiting...Fly update-they're sticky and clingy. One wanted to ride my hairbrush this morning like a bucking bronco cowboy!!! They ALL want to be inside now that the weather is cooling off. Can't they take a hint and just DIE???? Good grief. I'm in the wrap-up stages of my sewing room floor sanding marathon. I figure I've logged a roadtrip to Cincinnati and back on my knees with a sander! And the dust--in my ears, eyes, under my fingernails, and imbedded in my scalp AND lungs. Week five on this home improvement project. By the way, how come everybody they ever pick on DIY etc. is young??????????? I think we need to start a Seniors Network! Now THAT would be worth watching. We could follow them to their colonoscopies and then to the golfcourse and off to Sizzler at 4:30 and then move the camera in as they fall asleep in front of the TV at 8:30. Seriously though, TV is soooooooooooo slanted towards being in your 20's and 30's. Rented a commercial sander from a friend on Friday, but that thing threw Paco across the room!! I knew I didn't stand a chance. Rented a smaller one yesterday (second go round with it) and did some finer sanding. Am I boring or WHAT????????? So kicking around the idea of writing some sort of love story on my blog to generate a little heat (I mean interest)--probably mine. Worked for Pioneer Woman. Chicken soup cooking on my stove. HEY!!! WAKE UP!!!!!!!! STICK WITH ME! (shake, poke...) "Stand clear!!! We're about to resuscitate this blog! We are professionals! Do not attempt this at home!" zzzzzzzzzzzzzz....... How do you get your neighbors to nominate you to be on "Desperate Landscapes"? Could my "neighbors" live in Pennsylvania or New Jersey or Arizona perhaps....?


Kiwi said...

wow thats awesome I checked out ur blog its awesome by the way this is keean widmer

Mad Hadder said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mad Hadder said...

Hey No Fair, Keean! I need to be able to write on your blog!

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