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Sunday, November 3, 2013

This 'n That about One Thing and the T'uther

In an age where it may appear even fashionable to give up blogging, I appear to have followed suit.  Au contraire!  I am pleading "the Fifth" or actually "the Fifth Grade"!  My world has resembled Upside Downton Abbey since the end of August, but I am coming up to speed.  Here's a quick recap:
  • first day Smithsonian Lifesaver racing cars 
  • class/family cook-out
  • chocolate fountain/Monster's Inc. Friday night incentive party
  • knitting instruction!  This warms my heart to see my boys particularly taken by it! Thanks to my knitting group, In Stitches, who furnished all the needles and yarn!
  • Tom Sawyer as our first readaloud
  • Class jobs and funny money monetary reward system
  • weekly spelling bees in which my students absolutely REVEL!  Go figure! 
  • Carry overs from middle school--"What's in the Hat?"; "BACON!!!--we are learning our states' capitals with this crazy game--ALWAYS a mega-hit"; "Tortuga" which is really a carry over from Mr. Munk back in the 60's; Tickets; Skippy and Prince Charming; Farkel; and Grammar Rock and of course--Happy Pants!!
  • fieldtrip to Grand Teton National Park
  • red and green ukuleles!  Stay tuned for our part in the Christmas program!
  • Go Math--common core--I'm wondering if anyone has drawn the same conclusion that I have:  We throw the apple core away, right?  Apples--oldest symbol we have for education...Quickest route I've seen to absolutely de-fun the system.
Other news on the homefront:
  • Paco Minnesota-ed for a few weeks.  Mugsy moped, and I limped by.
  • We're in an attic renovation.  I'm leaving that up to the reader's imagination, but remember that bats have inhabited that attic for a long long long time...
  • I'm getting fit!
I'll post some pictures soon.  Bring your hazmat suit and a mask and come on out to the renovation!  All the guano you can carry away!


Tracy Giles said...

Wish we were there to help with renovations! I want to come and spend an entire day with you at school. Wouldn't that be fun!!

Patti said...

From the incredibly diverting video to the the announcement of massive amounts of guano available and the many doings of fifth graders sandwiched in between, it was an entertaining read. I do love your posts! (written with a very British accent)

Shelly said...

Pics!!! Or I might have to wait until Christmas.

Sheila S. Andreason said...

Okay, how are you getting fit? I SO need to. I'd love to see a picture of your house. What are you building in the attic. And aren't belfries supposed to have bats?

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