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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Plymouth Plantation Day 2013 or How 50 Cans of Soup DO a Stew Make!!!

 We took a fieldtrip 4 miles south of our school to our farm, but we dropped back in history four HUNDRED years!  Yes, the pilgrim children DID play leap frog!
 They played "Flying Dutchmen" as well (although that is a little known fact based upon the assumption that while they were in the Netherlands for a brief period they picked up on the Dutch culture.  I can tell you're still not buying it.  OK, YOU find me some other Separatist children games then!!)

 We pulled molasses taffy as well.  My astute readers will respond with, "Oh, but excuse me, Madd.  Molasses taffy is an early 1800 activity!"  Once again, find me some Separatist candy recipes and I'll gladly whip them up!  Sheesh....
 They DID dip candles.  Perhaps not 3 at a time using birthday candles as a base and clothespins, but candles nevertheless.  Furthermore, you find me a jollier candle dipper, and I'll eat my Squanto!
Meanwhile back at the apothecary, Mr. Hadd helps students conjure up herbal salves.  Kindly ignore that pile of unsightly debris.  On this particular day our attic dormer was under construction.

I have it on good authority that one student (who had his head repeatedly stepped on while on the trampoline) rubbed this calendula salve on his forehead on the resulting goose egg resulting in a miraculous healing!!
Of course, no good activity I plan outside can take place without high winds, blinding rain, and life-altering hail.  This one was no exception.  While some of the 50 crowded shivering and dripping on my grammy flower porch, the more sporting played football while we waited for the bus.  And as the sun slowly set on this fieldtrip, we all called it a smashing success--albeit only semi-historically factual.
A hearty Miles Standish shoutout to breadmakers and mother helpers!


Shelly said...

I wanted to see a picture of that stew!! Sounds like one of your best field trips to the farm.

Patti said...

That was indeed the jolliest of candle dippers I have ever seen. It sounds like it was a really fun day.

Tracy Giles said...

How fun!!

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