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Tuesday, September 24, 2013


You knew that if you waited long enough, inevitably, I would be in an insomniac state (cue giggling among some followers--of which I have about 4, so I probably ought to just name names).  Oftentimes these wee-in-the-morning posts yield soul searchings or true confessions or even pictures of trash composters.  I'm certainly not in control of them!  A cold has me up.  One of those laryngitis kind where you feel like something large and zoo-like is parked on your chest.  And your breathing takes on a Star Wars villain quality.  Other than that, I'm quite spry.  I take that back.  I have a bunch of stuff on my brain that knocks me out of the spry running.  People who spend 18 hours a day occupied in their job cannot claim any part or portion of balance that would qualify them to boast any part of spry.  Right about now I'm asking myself the following:  Why did I change grades?  Why did I succumb to a lifeless lifelist of pursuits?  Have I learned anything about education in the last 30 years?  What part of my fifth graders' education can I salvage?  Is ANYBODY going to rise up and point out the sheer NAKEDNESS of the emperor??  How much more can we tamper with kids and remain out of the clutches of any sort of legal system?  Better yet, does anybody care...?
I have many questions.  No answers.  And there I will stop.  There stoppeth I.  She halts.  She's mute.  She's clammed up.  No more.  Nada.
The rest is topic for a roadtrip.  Call me if you're up for it.
  • Paco is right in the middle of his annual fall canning frenzy.  I'm fully expecting to come home to a jar of ex-Mugsy parts on the counter--canning gone terribly wrong.
  • Snow.  Tomorrow.  In high places.  Like Brrrrrrrrrr Lake.
  • How many months after someone passes do you stop reaching for the phone to call them?  sheesh...
  • A big big surprise is arriving in the mail for my 5th graders tomorrow.  They have no clue.
  • We had payday at school today. Everyone earns $2 a week for jobs performed.  My banker is very very good at his job.  He suggested today that we give some raises.  I was thinking more along the lines of a fake hurricane victims' fund.  They're all socking money away for a pre-Christmas silent auction.  I may rock their boats just a little along the way. mwahhhh...
  • I wonder at what point my Mucinex is going to take over.
  • Fire drill tomorrow at 10:10.  First and only place I've ever received an invitation to a firedrill!  They've taken all the spunk out of it! 
  • I have a student who has been doing class pet research.  She's found a couple of hedgehogs in Illinois that she assures me will meet us halfway.  Ah, the optimism of youth.  A couple of geography lessons will shake that right out of her unfortunately.
  • Paco shows up every Monday as Monseur Hadd complete with a French beret, French children's songs, and bon bons.  Today he brought a recipe from Ratatoullie for a French cake that needed to be reduced to 1/6th its size.  I sit in the back.
  • I don't want to talk about my Subaru.
  • Christmas Eve is 3 months away.
  • I had to google how many weeks in a year today.
Fading.  I love me some good legal drugs.... 


Tracy Giles said...

I'll go on a road trip with you and talk about all sorts of fun things. Maybe I'll go with you to pick up the hedgehogs - lol

Patti said...

I love your nocturnal ramblings! Hope the cold has passed by now and you are truly feeling spry. Are you ready to talk about your Subaru yet?

Patti said...

I love your nocturnal ramblings! Hope the cold has moved on and your feeling spry again. Are you ready to talk about your Subaru?

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