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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Random Photo Sunday

I was looking through drafts in my blog postings and found this picture which is truly worth at least a thousand words.  Even though I don't remember my original intent when I downloaded the picture, I'm sure it was decent.  Pictured here are myself, Renee (rhymes with Penny) in the middle, and Geneva on the other side--good friends--we were a New Brunswick Stake Relief Society presidency, actually, on our way to see and hear Sheri Dew in the Manhattan stake center a few blocks from here.  We had cut through Central Park and paused here at Tavern on the Green, probably enticed in by those magnificent hanging baskets.  It was a pleasant autumn evening as I recall.  I do so appreciate a church that "throws" you together with people you've never met.  Through hundreds and hundreds of miles in a car traveling all over half the state of New Jersey and several EVENTS which involve countless hours of planning, cooking, and clean-up, you eventually become bonded.  I know these women's histories, heartaches, and joys.  I know their deepest feelings, and I know their purest intentions.  Renee and her husband moved to La Jolla, CA.  We stayed with them a few days when my son Taggart was married nine years ago.  Geneva and her husband built a home down near the prison in Salt Lake City after he retired from the FBI.  We're all westerners now again, returned back to our roots.  Our "gig" in NJ is history.  I'm going to look them up.

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Patti said...

Friends we serve and work with are friends forever. Oh the memories!

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