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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Leave Your Worries and Vowels Behind!

Paco and I are down to hours before we head off over the pond for a month!  We've been planning and anticipating and saving for a very long time.  Every time one of us sneezes or trips over a rug or has intestinal gas, I panic that we have pneumonia, or a broken neck, or gout.  Here's a quick and dirty itinerary:

Amsterdam, Prague, Budapest (Paco says if I'm needing some space by then, he'll go to Buda, and I can go to Pest), Vienna, Innsbruck, Salzburg (I love Austria best of all), Interlaken, Zermott, Paris, and finishing up in Reykjavik.  We have daytrips and sidewinders as well (Brno, Czech Republic--see, we needn't carry along any extra vowels;  Lauterbrunnen; Giverny--where I've been trying to get for about 70 years;  Loire Valley-- a repeat for me but not Paco; Belgian  villages, but mostly waffles; and some other places.  We've been squirreling money away into our "perfume account", so that when that moment arrives we'll be Boy Scout ready!!  Google "Glacier Express" and then listen for my Commanche warwhoop coming from a general Switzerlanderly direction in a couple of weeks as well.  I've packed my Kindle and my knitting.  Paco has business cards for his website.  Originally he had packed a box and a half which equaled over 750 cards--I talked him down to a handful.

Disclaimer:  People who post about exotic trips probably ought to be shuffled off to a guillotine.  In this case, please know that this is the celebration of 15 years of marriage by two people who collided in the universe--neither of them thinking at the time that life was pulling much in their direction...this trip is a joint dream come true.  See you in a few!


theriddle said...

Oh I am so happy for you! Have a wonderful time and I can't wait to hear about it. - Joan

Patti said...

SO MUCH FUN!! Bon voyage!

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