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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cyber Sweet Nothings

4/6/97  7:36 P.M.

Hi Jerry,
I noticed you on the Singles listing.  Are you still in Beijing?  I'm going to be in Osaka and Singapore this summer.
Your job sounds interesting.  I teach English in a high school.  I read more than I should, ski slowly not to miss the sights, tamper with dog breeding, and raise 3 kids.  My married life included 13 very interesting but tempestuous years with a very "artistic" concert pianist.  We did some exotic things, and unfortunately his mental health took some exotic turns also.  I''m 5'10", black hair, 145 lbs. 43 years old.  I used to be way more funny.  But every now and again I kick it in and make people laugh.  I'm very converted to the gospel.
Always looking for friends and interesting men on the internet.  I'm a pretty loyal corresponder. Write if you're interested.

4/7/97 12:42 P.M.

You're among a short list of women who saw my profile on the web and sent me a message.  I'm still in Beijing and will be for another couple of months.  Then it will be back to the states, possibly via Melbourne, Perth, Manila and Hong Kong.  My job is quite interesting, and at the moment quite time-consuming.
I don't tamper with animals--with my work schedule, that's what it would be if I tried to maintain pets.  Back in the U.S. I have a couple of cocker spaniels on my refrigerator.
Unfortunately, both of my children died shortly after they were born.  Thus, for the moment I'm missing out on the joys and sorrows of parenthood.
I'm 45, 6'1", 175 pounds, brown hair and eyes, with tortoise shell glasses.  (Does that really matter on the Internet?)
Your name sounds like something from within the British Empire, but the .us at the of your e-mail address tells me that you're probably located in the U.S.  You have an advantage, knowing where I'm located.  Where are you located?
What happened to your sense of humor?  You'd have trouble convincing me that after 13 tempestuous years married to a concert pianist whose mental health turned like a Formula 1 racecourse, you've lost must have been quite an adventure.
I'm quite converted to the Gospel as well.  That's why I particularly like the Beijing Branch.  Both the Branch members and the spirit are quite strong here, and I'm fortunate to be exposed to them.
'What will take you to Osaka and Singapore?  I have people trying to persuade me to move to Singapore for a year.
What would you like to know?

Thus began an innocent correspondence.  Do not fear that I am going to post all 13 bound volumes of letters we exchanged over a 14 month period of time while Paco was in China and I was in Idaho.  I merely posted these first two verbatim so that the gentle reader can catch the nuances of two single strangers meeting in cyberspace--separated by thousands of miles of continents and oceans...


theriddle said...

Very sweet start to your marriage. My Mom's divorce will be final soon. I hope she has the courage to go on line and meet someone. I know it will take time.

Patti said...

At last! I've been waiting breathlessly. Such a nice beginning. Don't edit too much!

Shelly said...

How come I have never read this before??

Mad Hadder said...

These have been printed off and sitting in a pocket in that pop-up book I wrote 15 years ago! Not even under lock and key, Shelly!

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