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Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Satur Day

"Oh my heck! When I want to kiss her I will!"  (a note I found in a pile today which I took from a kid last week )

Putting my finger on the pulse of just one day in my mortality...Today I
--read 14 pages from the Book of Mormon
--finished knitting the toe on grandson Pete's Christmas stocking
--fetched my Bountiful Basket
--shopped for groceries
--fed the "boys" their daily hay
--kavetsched with "Off-the-grid Bill" in the alpaca field about latter-day prophecies (watch out for the year without rain that's coming up!), hay, provident living and government grants
--washed dishes
--put away the ice cream freezer and raclette grill after locating ALL the multiple parts
--cleaned out under the sink
--herded the "girls" off the road not one, not two, not three or ever four but FIVE times!!!!!  They have become free-ranging "lawn ornaments" due to the lack of water and subsequent lack of food in their pasture
--put up an alpaca barracade of sorts using a wooden pallet, a septic tank cover, and a garden hose
--washed 5 front windows inside and out
--cut down perrenials in front
--washed bird poop off of the porch
--cleaned the remains of a dead mouse out of a drawer
--soaked a pot in which I burned apples I was cooking last week.  I'm afraid it's a goner.
--made a crockpot of white bean and hamhock soup
--did wash
--watched two episodes on Amazon Prime Instant View of Friday Night Lights to which I am strangely attached (Texas high school football??????  Really, Mad...)
--called an aunt and a cousin
--fed my sourdough start
--washed off some shelves
--cleaned out my lazy Susan in the kitchen
--soaked up some gorgeous September sun with Mugsy
And now I'm taking a bowl of strawberries up to my bed where my day will end knitting and watching TV.


Patti said...

That is an amazing list of a day lived well. Bravo!

Shelly said...

I second that. Man, I'd better be more on the ball about checking your posts. I almost missed this one!

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