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Friday, May 6, 2011

Spring??? Yeah, right...

I realized today that in just less than a month I'll be within whistling distance of Wallace and Gromit's home! That put me immediately on the path to my friend Karen for locating some merchandise stores. She has a kid living there. I just got an email direct from that kid in London informing me that the stuff is scarce. Come again???? And that I'd have a better chance on Ebay. Not really. Really??? Remind me to report on that in case I forget. I'd just as soon have had this day pass by me. I spent it cleaning out the garage--something I dislike worse than even cleaning out the cellar WHICH I ALSO DID. This day, therefore, had almost no redeeming merits at all. The highlight I guess was taking a tour of Tulip Acres (NOT) and seeing what survived the winter. It's always iff-y every spring. We don't take ANYTHING coming up out of the ground here for granted! On the camelid scene, "Houston, we have a bully." Obama has taken to tackling the alpacas, herding them all into a corner of the field, and snapping at their... ahem...male parts! I KNOW!!! A heck of a lot of noise coming from out there! I need to post some pictures of everyone in their skivvies, but I don't think my numb cold fingers could actually navigate the button on the camera! Paco has morphed from homemaker extraordinaire to diligent nose-in-a-book teacher in training. We've been focusing our reading on poverty, failed schools turning around, and best teaching practices. What an adventure!! And this guy's turning 60 in a matter of days!!! Don't you think he's just sooooooo brave!????? Teach For America has been very forthcoming with all manner of bumper stickers, pep talk emails, boxes of books to read, and phone conversations! I-M-P-R-E-S-S-I-V-E...I'm going to make sure he writes a blog. I found an extra laminator in the garage--you mean you don't have spares in YOUR garage? He glomped right onto it. Don't tell anyone but I'm putting together a dandy teacher box for his birthday--"TEACHER" pencils, a cool finger pointer, a kitchen timer, and a very nifty device with about thirty buttons that emit belches, bedsprings, screaming, car crashes etc. Can you think of anything else I should put in the box? Maybe a lunchbox???

How do you tell a girl chromosome from a boy chromosome?

Pull down their GENES!!!!


AmyJane said...

Wait. Okay, so did I miss the explanation of how this is going to go down? Are you both moving to OK for the year? Are you long distance marriaging for the year? What's the plan here?

So excited for everyone, but I really need details!

Patti said...

I LOVE WALLACE AND GROMIT! But I am shocked at the lack of goods associated with them in England. What?! Favorite part of this post? You actually had an extra laminator in your garage. That is amazing!

Mad Hadder said...

At one time I had FOUR laminators in my garage!! Killer deal from amazon. They're all gifted out now.

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