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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"Festive? Hmmm....Not Overly, but Classic? Oh yeah, Baby"

Happy Birthday Paco!! You drug yourself up from whatever made you barf on the side of the road walking Mugsy yesterday and celebrated the big SIX OH hunkered down under a blanket reading yet another manual designed to catapult you into teaching history next month!! When most people your age might be fixating on retirement, you are gearing up for adventures the likes of which would put hair on the chests of 20 somethings!!! My hat is off to you today! Your birthday gifts could have been golf clubs, cruise brochures, polyester pants, or Grecian Formula! Oh no--your gift mound was a collection of the dandiest teacher accoutrements! Let's hear it for THAT!! No talk of 401K's around OUR kitchen table, no sir!!! Tonight we talked about Teach For America chemistry teachers in Rocky Mt., NC who start class by saying, "God help you if you're not in class because you'll need it!" Thank you for raising the level of MY teaching. Teach For America is assuredly influencing our lives. May you begin this new decade with the vim, vip, and vigor you've exhibited today! Carpe Diem, love of my life...


Karrots said...

I gotta say...Tanner and Kearis were adamant that Jerry could in no way be turning 60. He wears it very well indeed. Happy birthday, neighbor!

Patti said...

I wouldn't have guessed 60 either! Happy Birthday Jerry! Life is sweet when you're hitched with a good man.

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