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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"Oh My Luve's Like a Red Red Rose"...stirring melody

When I awoke at 2:43 A.M. (the moon is nearly fully, thus illuminating my bedroom), I tried to put myself back to sleep by reciting this Robert Burns poem which my 7th graders have memorized and recited one by one, line by line on Valentine's Day for 48 points. Valentine's Day at our middle school is highly volatile and emotional. In fact, a fight broke out yesterday in the 8th grade hall resulting in 3 day suspensions for two youngsters--one defending the "honor" of his girlfriend. Val's Day is a dress up occasion at BLMS. One lad wore a hot pink silk vest with a matching bowtie--remnants of a friend's brother's wedding. He looked (and I'm sure felt) dapper. The rule is that young men must wear ties, so the principal facilitates this by placing a hodgepoge box of thrift store ties out for student use. Unfortunately directions are not included. Several young men went the full 9 yards and wore suits. And then the young ladies--high heels. Teetering high heels. And bejeweled hair done up on their heads. It's a regular Easter Parade. My personal brand of "torture" this year was to assign a love poem for memorization due on this day. Picture this beautiful poem delivered 52 times with varying degrees of success and aplomb. Standing on one leg and then the other. Stumbling over the Scottish brogue insertions in the text. "So deep in love am I". I looked them square in the eye as they recited and prompted them as needed. Is this dropping well below the "pearls before swine" line that I so often cross? Is this exquisite poetry just washing off their backs? Would Robert Burns care that his heart's work was being galloped through by a slick backed haired kid with a mouthful of metal? I have a small vision of a moonlit night down the road. Same kid--teeth straight now--a young lady at his side, anticipation high on both sides. Will he miraculously recall this poem and go down in the annals of history? Probably not. But then maybe...


Karrots said...

Valentines day at the middle school is so fun isn't it? We sang this poem in Bear Essentials, but is was a way different arrangement!

Shelly said...

Why don't you try howling at the moon? There has to be some reason the wolves do it. It must be very fulfilling.

Patti said...

Hysterical images! They definitely don't do Valentine's Day right back here. I know there isn't any Burns. :D

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