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Thursday, February 3, 2011

EeK! Ohhh!!! Yowee!!!! Ahhhh!!!! WHOA!!!!! OUCH!!!!

Those who have visited us know that we're nestled/crammed among multiple canyons. Sometimes in the winter all four roads into town are closed. If you tend towards claustrophobia, watch out. Today Paco chose one of the "escape routes" fully intending to visit the temple in Logan. Enter (front right) a massive boulder--OK, it wasn't as large as this one. But he had to make a split second decision--Do I swerve around it and smash head on into that car? Do I slam on the brakes and slide who knows where? Do I hit the boulder? He hit the boulder and by so doing nearly gutted the undercarriage of our mini van. Would you please send up a prayer for our car tonight? We're thinking maybe totalling it out might be a good option. When George takes a look/see that might be what he decides. So Paco was towed home, and our Windstar is probably weeping helplessly over at the garage. This could have ended oh so more dramatically. Right???


Season said...

Yikes!! Glad he's okay. So sorry about the car though!!

Tracy Giles said...

What!!?? Is Jerry okay? I'm assuming he is because you didn't mention any life threatening injuries, but still . . . I hope he doesn't have whip lash or anything like that. That's too bad! Poor Jerry and poor minivan.

Jill said...

I'm so sorry! Hope Jerry is fine!

Shelly said...

Oh oh diddily NO!! That's no good. that pic of the huge boulder looks a lot like your canyon, though. Hope it all works out. Plus you guys have a surplus of wheels, anyway. Just ride the 4 wheeler or the electric golf cart, or the tractor. Plenty of options!

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