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Thursday, February 17, 2011


I struggle with the long distance grandmother stuff. I'd much prefer the picket-fence-cookies-and-milk grammy down the street, but my kids are sprinkled hither and yon. I pour over the blogposts, and when we get together it takes a while to teach them to associate my face with all things warm and wonderful. And they're just so huggable...sniff...sniff. Blasted economy. Blasted nuclear family extinction. Blasted distances. In 15,20 years maybe they'll bring their roommates for a weekend. I promise I'll make chili and hot rolls...I'll be quirky and funny and you can laugh and talk about "that grammy" all the way back to college. In the meantime don't forget me.


beck said...

Awwww, this is cute. I bet you are the best grammy ever!

Tracy Giles said...

They loved talking to you on the phone today!!! They so badly want to see you, we need to make that happen! It would be so wonderful to be just down the street. I'm slowly warming up to the idea of country life. There is a season for everything and my season to buy land and be secluded might not be too far around the corner. I grew up with horses, cows, pigs and chickens. I'm starting to have that desire for my own children. Who knows, maybe we won't be too far apart!

Patti said...

SKYPE has made long-distance grannying so much easier, but you still can't hug a screen. Sweet little cherubs! Not a one lives close! :D

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