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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Grammar Again

I went for what will probably turn out to be my first and last electric car ride into town (this season) because the snow is predicted for tomorrow. I passed a sign that needs some punctuation: Slow Deaf Child
So is this a twice challenged child that I'm watching out for? If so, then bless his/her heart. But if he/she is only deaf, SHAME ON US FOR ACCUSING HIM/HER OF NOT BEING TOO QUICK ON THE UPTAKE! I think it should read: Slow, Deaf Child
Or better still: Slow. Deaf Child
Or how about Slow? Deaf Child! which could insinuate that You're slow on the uptake, and why are you going so fast?
Better still that sign should read: This neighborhood is graced by a delightful child who although he/she is deaf, is nonetheless an important part of our neighborhood. Would you therefore slow down and watch out for the little guy/gal? Thanks, His/Her (insert name of child) Neighborhood

I like that one the best.

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Jill said...

I have wondered the same thing many times.

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