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Monday, November 22, 2010

Contest Eulogy

Well, that wasn't any fun. Two entries. Fizzle...sputter...splat. Thanks to Annie and Dave for entering, anyway. Dave won with his "multiple-cover-all bases-shoot multiple rounds-approach. Those pictures are truly from Thomas' blessing. Yes, he wore that. We held that event at our house in Pleasant Grove, Utah, for some reason. It was January or February and cold. As for the get-up. When we lived in Bloomington, IN (half of the married couple attended Indiana University, and it wasn't the female half), I sewed long dresses for the Saudi women who predominated in our 9 story high-rise married student housing complex. This was during the Iran hostage incident--very exciting time to be where we were. This fabric was a remnant left over. So, if you think these jammies are exotic, you should have seen the dress!! Non-traditional baby blessing in a non-traditional blessing outfit...and we wonder why Thomas is the way he is...

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Tom Giles said...

I don't even feel the need to defend myself here. What does that mean?

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