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Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Closer Look at Now and Then

Paco tooled off to the local farmer's market this morning armed with jars of his homemade crabapple jelly. This evening he's down at a neighbor's hoping to trade some more jelly for garlic. Oh how times have changed. Stroll with me down memory lane.
Work Attire of Choice Now

What He Wore Back in the Day!

Well-dressed Feet 2010

In the Not-So-Distant Past

A Day's Work Now

Ye Old Ball and Chain of YesterYear

Office Mates Now

Former Co-workers Then

"All Aboard!" Now

"Welcome Aboard the New Jersey Transit bound for New York Penn Station with stops in Hamilton Station, Princeton Junction, New Brunswick, Edison, Rahway, Metuchen..." Then

Daily Commute Now


Perk #1 2010

Perk #2 2010

Perks Long Since Passed--Black Tie Dinners of Yore (ahhh...)

Company Holiday Parties 2010....

nada, zilch, zippo...

Holiday Parties of the Past (sniff, sniff...)

A Place Where Work Will Never Be Done Now

A Place Where It Was Never Done Then

And so it goes. If I've learned ONE thing in life it is that EVERYTHING has a tradeoff--you give up certain things and gain others with every decision. Hopefully we all adapt and make peace with our choices. Don't ask me where I'D rather changes. But all in all, life here at Provident Heritage Farm hums--and so do we.


partypatt said...

A question I've been wanting to ask for a long time now...WHO THE HECK IS PACO?

Mad Hadder said...

He to whom I am married.

Shelly said...

Interesting turn of events that you didn't see coming, and maybe they aren't so permanent...

Donald and mildred Hadd said...

Having left your Farm/Ranch less than a month ago, I can swear to it that although all the changes you mention have indeed come, I have never seen Paco (my son, Jerry) as happy as he is today. It's obvious that all he really needs to be content is Marilyn, and the faithful dog, Mugsy. The Lord knows what we need, thank goodness. Mitzi Hadd

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