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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

These are the Days of Our Lives...

Today I:
got my teeth cleaned
washed the car
emailed and read some blogs
vacuumed and mopped the kitchen
took a check to the post office
made a color copy at the library of a knitting pattern for my sister
stopped in to the doctor to see about a burning in my abdomen but he was out to lunch
checked out an unofficial biography of Stephanie Meyers from the library
bought 4 cans of fly eradicator spray on sale for $1.99 each
bought TWO miraculous fly traps (still promising a whole blog on "Flies and Me")
hung both fly traps
googled macrame plant hanger instructions (always looking for ways to embrace my inner hippie)
read a printout Paco placed in front of me to torment me, I know!! 2 trips to Paris in March costing less than $1,000 each!!!!
talked on the phone to a new teacher I'll be working with this year
observed all manner of bird craziness while standing on my deck talking on the phone
asked two men in the hardware store if they'd noticed any deviant bird activity--they looked at me like I was a deviant bird as well!
baked a sourdough chocolate cake using my 150 year old sourdough start which I've been rejuvenating and feeding for two days!
told Paco I would thin the carrots but didn't
finished an audio book of Orson Scott Card's Treasure Box. Weird. 9 hours of my life I gave to it!! Nine!!!
almost finished a birthday gift I'm sewing for my friend Les
ran to the post office (yes, twice in one day--I don't pretend to be efficient) to mail a pattern to my sister and a nursery school book to my daughter
planted 4 new perennials in my garden and added peat moss to a bunch of stuff
attended a church picnic where we got rained on and all ate too much
got the lowdown from newly 9 year olded James from my Sunday School class on his birthday trip to Yellowstone
sat in my computer chair to blog--smelling new rain and what it does to new mown hay..and listening to the birds continue their zaniness!!! Actually one of the guys in the hardware store suggested the birds might sense that an earthquake was imminent,'ve been warned.
watched the reddest of red sunsets
And that is a Day of My Life. What about YOU????


annie said...

nearly drown in laundry, folded most of it, put some of it away, made church related phone calls, found out how pricey it would be to fedex fish, went on a bike ride to the park w/ kiddos. there should be much more, but i can't think of anything else (oh wait, browsed blogs:)

Jill said...

Wow!!! I'm impressed at what you accomplished and even more impressed that you remembered it all. Oh that I could be so productive!

Shelly said...

I celebrated my 5th anniversary by taking an M&M shake to Dave's work and we ate lunch with him. Hey, we were at the post office sending a package to YOU! Charlie was very interested in just HOW you were going to get that package-from the post office-to the truck-to the plane-to another truck-to your mailman-and to you.

Tracy Giles said...

Oh how I would love to get that much accomplished in a day. What a busy day you had! Did you get started at 5:00 am? As I'm typing this comment, I'm sitting on a pile of clean laundry from yesterday that I threw on the chair as a reminder to finish it. Now I'm just sitting on top of it.

Mad Hadder said...

Actually my point was that just by documenting everything we do in a day we'd see that we're way more productive than we give ourselves credit for! Try it!

Tom said...

no mom, your wrong. I don't get that much done in a month's worth. and leave those flies alone. They are probably thinking of ways to get rid of you, too. Now, if you could train them...

Taggart said...

I had a pet fly once. No, not like one of my pets started to fly, but a pet fly. No, I mean a pet fly, or a fly for a pet. I caught him, tied a long piece of hair around his head, and taped him to a table. He could fly around a bit like he was on a 12 inch leash. He died though. I may have tied the hair too tight around his neck.

Mad Hadder said...

And you wonder why I have "fly issues", Tag...

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