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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ho Hum...

The balmy days of summer...they seem to have lulled my blog to sleep! We here at Provident Heritage Farm are, nevertheless, way past the productive stage and moving right into "Wow!! Look at 'em go!" stage. All but Mugsy. He's semi-comatose. And he "slept out" last night. I remember many a summer night "sleeping out" with friends whether in a tent or under the stars. Raiding gardens with reckless abandon. Spying. Nonchalantly walking through the kitchen prior to the sleepout and pilfering entire bags of chocolate chips!! I need to walk around and take some pictures--Paco's blooming shed reconstruction, his outasight new woodshed, my English garden, our new perennial bed, and Dalai Llama dripping in her shedding fleece. I tell you. We're a regular Country Living centerfold here. I even washed windows today in order to be able to see it all more clearly. Today I drove over to the nursery on the east side of Bear Lake hot in pursuit of hostas. On the way home I stopped the car to let a whole family (mom, dad, uncles, aunts, kiddoes) of ducks cross the road and drop into a pond on the other side. Then a little while later I had to swerve around something white and massive and dead with feathers all around. Pelican? How do you think THAT happened? Flying? Walking? Jogging? I shudder. I've been composing a fly update. I know some of you are assuming that we licked our fly problems. Au contraire. One of our hawks,either Hawk Eye or B.J., was seen yesterday carrying a large branch southward. Hmmm...another Mother Nature mystery. Adding on? Child discipline? Maybe just plain body building. And a moral dilemma--do we take our truck up and help ourselves to the massive bale of hay at the side of the highway that's been there for 4 days for next winter's llama feed? Or is that just WRONG WRONG WRONG!???


Season said...

Might sound weird...but I'm really looking forward to that fly update.

The Georges said...

Haha:) I think that you could probably sneak the hay, but then again maybe they still want it but they are showing it off?! Hmmm maybe you should not listen to me:) ~*Ashli Rose*~

Shelly said...

You have some interesting species of birds in your country. Love that you are noticing them.

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