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Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Silent Treatment??? But WHY???

For some reason my last two posts have inspired utter and complete silence. I almost called the Blog hotline (what a great idea!)to see if service to the intermountain West had been temporarily interrupted. Perhaps you were all ticked because you didn't win the contest. Yesterday I bussed all of my reading students (40) out to Rancho Come Take a Library Tour-i-O. They seem to like to come when I've done that in previous years. This year, of course, held the extra mystique of a diminuative llama. So we libraried and then llamaed. The snake was an extra bonus. My camera is AWOL or I'd surely have preserved that. Said snake was jarred, brought back to the school, denied occupancy in the 7th grade science room by the teacher, and taken home by a beaming boy who has apparently named the snake Rambo and fed him a few crickets. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I neglected to report that three very skirted, coiffed, and open-toe shoe-d young ladies took off on a tromp in the pasture on a quest to touch a llama! Obama initially bore his bottom teeth at the guests! I'd never seen that look from him!! But they DID all get a brief feel of a llama, and after all, isn't that what it's all about?


Chemene said...

I'm sorry you haven't received comments. I always want to comment on yours, but you leave me spellbound. I'm speechless because of your marvelous use of the english language. Okay, I really just read everyone's and comment less and less. Please keep posting. Yours always bring a smile to my face and to Lance's as well.

Laura said...

Ooo!! I want to come take a tour of your library!! How much is the admission? A new book for your collection? A jar of freshly bottled peaches? Name your price.

Mad Hadder said...

Come ahead, Laura!!! I can't believe you haven't come yet.

Jill said...

Can I come too? I will help with the baby while mama and little girls look at books.

I agree with Chemene. I read your blog regularly (check it every day). I love your posts! Please don't stop!

eileen c said...

I know what you mean about the silent treatment...

Tracy Giles said...

Lets make a deal, I will comment more on your blog if you comment on ours. We hardly ever hear from you on our blog. I really think you need to write a book because you are such a talented writer.

Taggart said...

I would bare my teeth too if i had worked so hard on a health care plan that STILL isn't getting any traction.

Mad Hadder said...

And why do you think that is, Taggart?

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