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Sunday, November 9, 2008

You Have Boyfren?


The Jacobson's said...

Hey! Are you gonna post any wedding pictures for those of us who are 1,200 miles away from all of the happenings? I am not offended even though we expected an invitation, but never received one. Good thing we know the O'dell's, so they showed us. Really, it's all right, but I want to be able to see some pictures of the wedding day. Hope everything went perfectly.

Mad Hadder said...

You didn't get an invitation??????? THat can't be!!!! I think that just needed to be a phone call to either of your parents that I could have made. I assumed Thomas was emailing or calling you....but I guess he is in love. We're having a dinner party at our house for friends in honor of the couple on the 21st. Can you come???? Thomas and Season stayed overnight with Becky and Joey because their flight got delayed. Quirky. I'll email some pictures. Don't have many at our disposal yet, but there are literally thousands!!!!!!!!!! Address please and will immediately send invitation AND love song CD we passed out at a post wedding picnic.

David and Shelly said...

See and Tag and Tracy's blog for pictures from the wedding.

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