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Monday, November 24, 2008


No, unfortunately I don't feel like dancing today. Not even. But this video clip always delights me. Here are a couple of quirky things about my day: 1)somebody kifed the keys to my antique typewriter case (typewriter inside) forcing me to write "KEYS!" in four foot high letters on my whiteboard. I was ticked. So ticked that I threatened to fill out a Wendy's application if the keys don't show up!! 2)I was confronted with a "female" problem today that not only took me deep into the bowels of but to a few other internet stops as well AND two calls to two doctors on behalf of this student. Sheesh. I still don't have an answer! 3)I was forced to "lockdown" until someone fessed up about what my bottle of EXPO (whiteboard cleaner) which was nearly empty but was now nearly full was full of!!!!! I tried to force a confession. Still a mystery. What is that liquid and from whence did it come??????????? It was a Black Hole of questions kind of day. No answers. Teaching--do not attempt this at home!!!!!!!!!


Julie said...

Hey there! So fun to run into you at Hobby Lobby of all places. Your blog is so great and I look forward to many late nights with it ahead:) I'll try to find that Paris writing and send it asap. In the meantime have a great thanksgiving weekend!

eileen c said...

I hope all of that "female" business works out ok. Will you be hunting for your own turkey on your farm?

Karrots said...

Sometimes I am ashamed to be grouped with this particular group of 7th graders. I'll go to school at Wendys. Good plan.

Mad Hadder said...

The only turkeys I've spotted this year sit in desks and chomp gum. But a turkey farm is not a half bad idea! Would you like to invest and be one of the first shareholders???

Mad Hadder said...
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Ruuddudes said...

I heard all about the student's "female" problem... she & her sis spent the night at my house last night. How funny & traumatic all at once! (Only funny cuz it didn't happen to me!)

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