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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Mushrooms in the Driveway

Fueled by a million created wings of fire the rocket tore a tunnel through the sky and everybody cheered.

Fueled only by the mystery of warm, most soil, and a beckoning sun, the seedling urged its way through the thickness of black--

And as it pierced the heavy ceiling of soil and launched itself up into outer space-no one even cheered. --Marcie Hans


Laura said...

That sandwich shop was in St. Cloud, but there are 4 in Minneapolis. Can you believe I never went to Mall of America when I lived there? I wish we would have.

My mom said she had so much fun at your house the other morning.

Shell said...

Who is that author? Cool mushrooms to have popped up in the strangest of places. Maybe you should try planting your garden in your driveway, it obviously has desirable conditions.

Mad Hadder said...

She's a poet included in an anthology of cool poems called Reflections on a Gift of a Watermelon Pickle. I think the mushrooms illustrate perfectly a couple of things--beauty is right below your feet, out of seemingly nonfertile fields come valluable things, and the struggle didn't really seem to harm the mushrooms.

Karrots said...

Are those mushrooms in YOUR driveway? If so, more power to them to battle the SNOW.

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