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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Let my people go!

This may not strike some of you as unusual--maybe every day is like this for you. Jerry and I worked like DOGS (actually the only one around here who didn't WAS the dog, so where did that saying come from anyway?) mowing and weeding and tiling and digging dandelions and moving huge piles of construction garbage and watering and burning. We worked from sun up til sundown and I'm beat. I'm aching and dirty. But we stood out there in our pasture as the sun set and hummed a little bit of "This Land is Mine. God Gave this Land to Me", and it was like we'd stepped back a century. Forgive my sentimentality, but those were my musings. Would that the work were all done now. I'd say we probably have an entire summer of such Saturdays and well into the fall...ugh.


Shelly said...

Just go here:
I'm guessing you didn't watch American Idol but you need to see this.

Mad Hadder said...

Oh my goodness. My heart was bleeding for that guy! What kind of friends would tell him to audition???? Time for new friends.

Shelly said...

I've wondered that sometimes, when people say all their friends told them to audition and they are horrible.
Didn't you laugh, though??

beck said...

Hi! Saw a link to your blog on another blog and had to take a peek, then a peek to your kids as well. I'm so glad to see you all! Blogs are a great way to keep an update on old friends! Now, maybe to get Thomas in blogland??? Hmmm...Hope you are doing well!

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