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Sunday, November 25, 2007

SPAM what am!

I deleted 243 email from my spam file yesterday and wondered to myself, "Do you think that SPAM is offended that we have named all of our junk mail after it?" In fact, email spam is WORSE than that. Real SPAM at least has a history and somewhat of a following. My worst SPAM experience was on a camping trip. The girl in charge of one of the meals made us SPAM foil dinners with canned peas and carrots. My best SPAM experience was at the Minnesota (aka Home of SPAM) State Fair. When you go there look for the SPAMMobile. You get free SPAM on a toothpick AND SPAM refrigerator magnets for which I am a sucker. Actually I'm surprised that Hormel hasn't taken this all to a higher legal level. Perhaps they have and lost. I can just see a judge passing down sentence that there are only so many synonyms for GARBAGE and we just all need to move on.

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Laura said...

Three posts in one evening--awesome! I'm not a fan of SPAM or SPAM. But that's just me.

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