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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Remember the Ugandan bandits?

My loyal "following" will remember a past post with a tragic story involving a brother-in-law, Uganda, several years of faithful journals saved on a hard drive, and FBI coming to the rescue. Right? We Thanksgiving-ed with this family including the FBI nephew of mine. I am so so sorry to report that it was all in vain. Two missions to Africa recorded meticulously in detail were not retrievable. We can only hope that they fell into gentle hands and will eventually end up loosely veiled as a pop novel in Ugandan bookstores and libraries. That reminds me of another missionary robbery tale. Brazilian thieves this time. Tabernacle Choir cd's and player instead of a computer. However THIS time the cd's were returned to the missionary's front step the next day. I guess the MoTab's not the hottest seller on the Brazilian black market...


Shell said...

AWWHHH! That is just aweful! What a loss. Can he remember any of it and try to rewrite any of it?

Mad Hadder said...

Nancy has hers.

Ben,Rach,&Hebe said...

Oh my goodness....I was trying to figure out who someone was that posted on my blog....I thought I knew but was confused about the name. I started following links on her blog and found you, my favorite lady ever from BLHS! I still have James Dean by the way!

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