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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Hot Flashes

Sooner or later we all knew this blog would deteriorate into a discussion of female hormones. Actually I don't really suffer from those symptoms, so we can move on. What I'm talking about is the vast range of temperatures I feel during the night. I am undermined in my determination to sleep by my husband Jerry who was a furnace in a former life and my dog Mugsy who is not only charcoal with fur but is also heavy and gravitates towards me every night. I also need to admit here that I am chilly at night before I go to bed (which explains why I leap blithely into bed every night from the pile of clothes I shed to the sheets--did I SAY I sleep in my skivvies??? No, but I will neither confirm or deny that). Our electric blanket takes the immediate chill out of the bed, but I have an issue with that blanket. Yes, I love her dual controls, and yes I admit that I am sorely dependant on her. But recently when I have reached to turn her off midway through the night--Mr. Furnace and Mr. Charcoal having kicked it into high gear--she has failed me and I am forced to dangle a leg, arm, or both out into the cold night air of our bedroom. THEN, the rocket scientist that I live with discovered that our controls were twisted!!! I was turning off his side of the bed (morphing him into a heat seeking furnace) and mine was staying revved up! Can you feel my pain dear reader????? Dog on top, husband shimmying up for heat and I'm gasping for air under a fully heated blanket! At any rate, problem is remedied. Sleep well. Hey, I'm getting blogging lessons for Christmas! My blogging instructor has been sold into white slavery, so I've been forced to seek other sources. Hang on. I'll be zinging your eyes out soon. Incidentally we've had a week of funerals, sadness, and deep ponderings. I think there's a law against blogging on downers. Stopping before I digress.


TannerJ5 said...

White Slavery...??Is that what you call it?????More like child labor.But we are now officially done.You'll have to come see the room some time. And the family is flooding in....bit by bit.

Shell said...

YEA! an update. I'm sure glad you weren't talking about hormones. How 'bout getting a bigger bed? Mr. Furnace and Mr. Charcoal. Do I have your permission to address them as such??

Mad Hadder said...

Child labor? I think not. Let's call white slavery just EXACTLY what it is. Family flooding in. Did you mean trickle?

Laura said...

What a funny post! It reminds me of the sleeping arrangement at my own home. Excpet remove Mr. Charcoal and insert Miss Squirmy-Sleeps-Sideways. Sheesh! Can't we just sleep in peace?

Anyway, my address (as you requested) is 2250 Cumorah Way Apt A, GR, WY 82935

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