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Friday, February 16, 2007

No Skinny Dipping in Minnesota!

Hey one and all,
I just returned from a wild and wooly 10 days with my daughter Shelly and her husband Dave and new offshoot, Charlie. I did all the new baby things--counted toes (and fingers!!! In our family occasionally a baby shows up with 6 fingers!!), held an object up to be tracked, folded and refolded all the cute little baby outfits, picked crud out from between little toes, kissed little toes, Q-tipped all the little nooks and crannies, and basically did the grandma thing. It was blessed cold there! -35 one day. Had meatballs at IKEA. Traipsed around the Mall of America. I got an amazing bargain at the Prairie Home Companion Store. Have you seen The Queen? Go. Good movie. When does one get quippy and clever on these blogs??? I'm much more original in my emails. Perhaps I'm a Blog Late Bloomer. At any moment I'll probably erupt into downright brilliance! Until then I'm going to take some blogging lesson from Tanner and hope he can turn this all around. Shuffling off, Mad Hadder


amyjane said...

Oh! Congrats to Shelly! That's awesome, and so good of you to go be the grandma for awhile. And I love the name Charlie. Darling!

P.S. I was wondering if you had missed the part where ya have to post to have a blog...

Mad Hadder said...

Are you being funny or do I need to post something somewhere? I find this blogging education quite user unfriendly. I posted two things which you obviously read, so I guess you're just being funny. Right?????? And I'm also assuming that this "Leave your comment" section goes back to you??? Help!!!

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