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Monday, February 19, 2007

President's Un-Birthday Day

Nothing is more depressing than to be halfway through the vacation day that you so looked forward to. Nothing, that is, except realizing that you have a mound of 7th grade English projects that you must grade or dispose of somehow within the next 20 hours. I remember thinking one day when I was a children's librarian that I couldn't shelve ANOTHER book!!! EVER!!!! A scary place to reach when that is a large part of your job!! So it is with correcting papers! I think I may puke all over them!!! And how would I explain THAT?????? Nevertheless they await--like the silent gargoyles on Notre Dame-- I'll tell you something else depressing. You were looking too cheery anyway. Here's what's depressing--YOUR face missing from a COMPLETE (as in all siblings and spouses) family photo taken on safari in Uganda a few weeks ago!!!! Don't they know that every word they ever speak about that trip ever again will be like a dagger in my jealous heart?????? Oh well, go have a piece of un-birthday cake for this un-birthday day on which we celebrate the births of two presidents who have moved so far beyond this world that I'm betting they can't barely even remember it!!!!! Go cogitate on THAT one.

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amyjane said...

One thing I will never miss about teaching--all the dang grading! Can't we just all get an A and move on already! I always felt like I pretty much knew what grade kids should get based solely on participation in class and should throw the papers in the wastebasket.

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