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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Let there be BLOGS!

Greetings and similar salutations of the day!
I'm a rookie blogger, but I am probably going to discover that every day of my life so far has led me to this blog page! Finally a place to vent, create, and bend ears (or eyes as the case may be). You the gentle reader can zip in or out and I can continue on as if the whole world is waiting for my next and every word! I hope to pick up some knitters along the way as well as a good sampling of teacher and traveler types. Can we print these things off???? So now what do I do? How do I attract readers? Hey Everybody!!! Free punch and cookies at the Mad Hadder's blogsite!
I need to figure out how to post pictures, videos, recipes, knitting patterns etc. This would be a great thing for my students. Daily journal writing! So who wants to give me Blog lessons???? Amy! Tanner! Laurel! Help!!!!!


Shelly said...

I'll read your blog!
You're so witty Marhadd!
Bring on the knitting patterns.

TannerJ5 said...

Hello!!!!Okay, Here are a couple of lessons taught to me by the masters.
1.Post as frequently as possible, this, along with enjoyable posts, will keep people interested.
2.NEVER say anything on the blogging world that you wouldn't yell in public.
3. The best way to attract people to your blog is this, be attracted to other peoples blogs.Comment on their post(click on commnts) and they WILL find you.
P.S. I will also be a semi-regular visitor.
P.P.S. You can ask me questions.In this comment, click on my name, then follow it to my blog, Just leave me a comment.
Class dismissed

TannerJ5 said...

Also, I just posted a video to my blog, just press play on the bottom left corner to see it.You should have no trouble with it, you with your hi speed connection.Wah.So did you check on the antenna yet?Short stubies, or long machos???I NEED TO KNOW!!!

TannerJ5 said...

one more thing, I added a link to you in my blog.

AmyJane said...

Hi, Marilyn!
Welcome the the blogsphere--you'll love it! It's right up the alley of folks with stuff to share!
Tanner's right on with his blogging advice. The more you visit blogs, and comment (formerly called delurking) the more people will visit, bookmark, and blogroll your site. Yu can search blogger for folks with similar interests as you if you really have time to devote to the thing.
YOu will also benefit from not being grounded from the computer--that's what keeps Tanner's blog from true success! :)
Glad you have you--I'll blogroll you!


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