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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Throwing Off Winter

The ruggedly handsome gentleman on the right is my former student, Luking.  He was biking through this park, and when we saw each other he jumped off his bike and greeted me like a long lost phlanthropic relative!!  Here's the thing--mostly in China I get a lot of blank stares, most of my smiles are not returned, some babies out and out cry, and Paco and I generally feel invisible except when for some reason we achieve rockstar status.  That happens usually outside of Beijing.  It seems to be infectious.  We are invisibile, invisible, invisible...until VOILE!!!  LOOK AT THESE GUYS!!!!!!!!  OH, YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!  MAY I TAKE YOUR PICTURE??    But, when I see my students on campus, they are absolutely my best friends.  Luking is on the high side of demonstrative.  He is a gem.  The BEST part about Luking, however, is his girlfriend, Luth.  Unfortunately, she is "away" (whatever that means).  

Does this picture scream SPRING???

And the turtle vendors come out of winter hibernation as well.

Sisters!  Eight and two, according to the beautiful parents.  Note the short hair on the smaller one.  This is sooooooo traditional.  Chinese parents shave baby girl heads to encourage a good healthy crop of hair will come in.  Seeing two children is becoming more common!

Autumn (from Chengdu), Ella (from Sichuan too), and Trezlyn.  Trezlyn was on "Freak Duty" today with her therapeutic boot.

Note the boot.  I think this may be the only one in the entirety of China.  It gathered attention on par with an extra head.


Patti said...

Oh those sweet baby faces! Speaking of which, I am headed to Pocatello Saturday to help Amy with her newest little guy, Jack, and play games all sorts with her two year old, Max. Let the wild rumpus start!

Shelly said...

Trezlyn is a trooper. Where did she get the boot anyway?

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