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Friday, April 21, 2017

"Let's Go Fly a Feng Zheng!!"

Sometimes Mandarin to English translations are spot on.  Such is feng zheng which literally means "upright wind".  We were invited to an international kite festival yesterday.  Many times we might get these invitations because our "western presence" (translation:  round eyes, funky hair colors, and distinctive western weirdness) adds flair and political correctness, but in this case we really didn't care because it was a heck of a good time.  Even the "lunch" (two McDonald's chicken sandwiches handed to us in their wrappers while we perched under a tree) didn't dampen our spirits.  Never you mind that we saw some exotic box lunches circulating around...

We each got to make a kite!  These gals must have paid extra because they got to color theirs.

We just cut our pre-printed ones out.  I was surprised they trusted us with scissors, but they did.  Just not crayons or paints. I am sure they debated glue.

Best in show, in my opinion, was this long-legged guy who rose so gracefully and flew majestically!

(Overheard in the planning committee meeting:  "Hey Ling!  Are we covered this year on architecturally-themed kites?"

Tiny little kites displayed in boxes.

And beautiful artistic kites displayed in a tent.

This must be the day everyone waits for to try out new funky kites!

Someone even appears to have had his bangs curled for the occasion!

 Sucker guy--a heck of a nice kid--until you put moves on his sucker...

 Not a great photo, but it lends perspective.  

This millipede had to be lifted up by another kite.  Just as it looked like it might take flight, the wind died down.  We had a heavy date with a couple of Mickey D sandwiches, so we had to go.

 In spite of my lime green loincloth, this young lady let me hold her kite.  That's why I like China.  It consistently overlooks my flaws.


Patti said...

Oh my goodness! Fabulous shapes, colors, and designs! I will never be able to fly a kite again. It will just be too blah.

Shelly said...

Was that a real dragonfly or an actual kite?

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