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Friday, February 24, 2017

Stand Clear!!!

Poor little sad neglected blog.  Sadly shaking its head and wondering where it went wrong, how it offended, what did it do...One of the curses/blessings of my life is that I write pretty much constantly in my head a good deal of the time.  Or at least I have consistently for most of my life.  About 1/100000th of those musings make it onto a page.  And the head writing is diminishing.  (Insert uncontrollable sobbing)  This blog began as a curiosity, an experiment in dabbling in new technology.  Under the tutelage of my neighbor Tanner exactly ten years ago last month (huzzah...), I joined that world.  I have regrets.  I should have committed to daily posts.  I should have included more pictures, more school stories, more deep thoughts.  I should have, I should have, I should have.

Posting every day for a decade would have resulted in 3,650 posts.  I have 614.  Do the math.  My good sense might tell me to pack it in.  Obviously eating, sleeping, reading, staring into my navel have taken precedence.  Sometimes I want to desert my blog--not really desert, just walk away from.  Yeah, I guess desert.  Another part of me wants to sprout a new blog--one where I can write anonymously and clear my head.  Or one where I pick a specialty and form a tight-knit community of knitters or gardeners or sociopaths.  Of the blogs I began reading ten years ago only one or two still exist.  Sometimes I'll visit a site and root around all Scarlett-in-her-garden-at-Tara-after the-war-ish to see what's there.  Mostly dust.  WHERE DID EVERYONE GO????????????  Is there some sort of parallel on-line writing world where people are still quippy and engaging?  Am I missing the party???  I suppose not.  I'll put this out to the cosmos (because that has ALWAYS been my audience).  The embarrassing thing here is that I sat by some lovely lovely people in the Seattle airport last week, and after a delightful hour of banter shared this blog address with them.  How embarrassing is that??  And I think some of my Chinese students come here too to poke around!  Nary a radish or shriveled up garlic clove...

Two choices:  Quit.  Remain.  Bow out.  Recommit.  Cave. Conquer. 

I realize I'm bordering on melodramatic.  The cosmos I appeal to generally overlooks that.

 A post a day for one week.  A post a day for one week.  Not a solution to world hunger--but at least a single fist shaking into the dark night.


Luke Perkes said...

I am a faithful reader of this blog! If you can believe me I've read it cover to cover. Make sure to not forget me when you make your new secret blog society...

Shelly said...

Well, if you let me know you've been writing again, I won't get so far behind! Another idea, I rarely spend time on my laptop anymore. Only when I need to type out something long. Its also hard to look at blogs on a phone. Maybe that's why people aren't blogging anymore. It takes a lot of time. I wandered into MY blog that was last updated Christmas of 2012!!! I still have a couple friends who blog regularly but mostly for journaling purposes and they print it out regularly into books. Which you've done, too so things are all that bad.

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