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Friday, June 10, 2016


We're "sweeping up" today--ready to fly back to America in just a few minutes.

My interlude was going to be a whole philosophical meta analysis of the the political implications of China's recent change of one child policy compared to the economic growth patterns of urban China and the resulting catastrophes educationally speaking in the country mingled with scripture.

But instead, you'll get mops and brooms ("...silver and gold have I none...") and a brief soliloquy.  At no extra charge to you, the reader.  Incidentally, my reader count has plummeted in the last few weeks.  I assume responsibility for that--seeing as how I haven't written anything.

We've swabbed down our apartnment, washed the towels, left notes for the summer occupants, and taken out the trash.

I hardboiled the last egg, and I took four gelatinous rice pyramid-shaped semi-foods wrapped in an inedible leaf down to a couple of little 9 year old boys on skateboards (6:45 A.M.) in our square.  Oddly enough, they spoke perfect English--three years at Harvard with your dad probably woudn't hurt your skills.

We are trembly excited to return to our home.  I started singing the classic Mormon Tab  Choir hit, "Going Home", and unfortunately Paco joined in with some lyrics we had coined a few summers ago which went like this, "Mugsy Q.  Where are you?  Lying in the weeds?"  And so then I got a little misty-eyed.

This has been a fabulous year.  We'll see what Year 3 has to offer.  Who knew what China was all about???????????????????  Who?????????????

We're looking forward to 12 non-stop hours of American blockbuster movies and the occasional interruption with sub canteen food.



few smashing mops and brooms

You know how I love them.

And Paco standing sentinel.  He breaks his mold sometimes and cracks me up.

About those economic educational issues?  I'll get back to you.  In the meantime one of my students Fred is heading to Oxford to study them in detail.  Have I mentioned that I am extremely fond of Fred?  Well, I am.

We come bearing gifts.  The caveat is that we make no guarantees.

The only real guarantee I can make is that

I have taken

many pictures of 



brooms--for what that's worth...

and there's our taxi....


Shelly said...

I've seen some of these mops before...Or are they all first time posts? Maybe cousins.

Patti said...

The "philosophical meta analysis" paragraph was brilliant. Brilliant! And by now you are home. Hope you had a safe and uneventful trip.

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