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Monday, February 29, 2016


One of the bonuses (as if they were even necessary) of being married to Paco is that he periodically does magical things like slip me a spring festival ticket to Maryland to visit the monkeys.

Rosie is a one of those monkeys--a full-time four year old.  She works cheap, doesn't shy away from overtime, and has fleeting moments of true brilliance.  I am completely a fan and will drag doll clothes for her across the continents until she goes to high school if necessary.  

Her textbook scowls at the Hershey Chocolate Factory were prize winning (but probably not the best of advertising).

Somewhere in the course of my intermission, someone suggested we should all eight of us jump in the van and set off for Civil War battlefields in the midst of the lowest temps of the year.  Mr. Lincoln was stunned at our naked bravery:  "Five kids, four states, and forty seven pounds of car snacks ago..."

Late morning jammies and motel cartoons!

The highlight for at least one of us was kicking it up in a shallow bathtub.

Lorelai was a major cave fan.  We did two down old Virginny way.

Caroline in her zen cave mode.

Skyline Caverns near Front Royal, VA,

and Luray Caverns not too far away.

It is no easy task being Pete...or his mom.  He tackles the task with aplomb each day.  Who would ever guess that under his bouncing rambunctious seven year old exterior, he's an artist!

He expresses himself in all manner of mediums.  I got to bring this smashing giraffe back to Beijing for our "gallery".  We're thinking that a little of the Uncle Tom gene leached out in the family gene pool and got sucked up by Pete.  

Charlie has taken to scouting like a duck to water.

I left my heart wrapped around this little pumpkin's tiny pinky finger.

Thanks for the good times, monkeys!
It was all worth it...

in the end.

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