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Sunday, August 11, 2013

For My Favorite "Aht Teachuh"

 Just a 30 minute train ride from Paris, a 10 minute bus ride, and a 15 minute stroll...

"Well, Hello,Claude!! May we come in?  Oh, you were expecting us?"

Even the chickens had artistic panache!
 I poised my camera to settle in and capture these kids, but the teacher got snippy.  I caught this one, though.  I enlarged it, put it in a smashing turquoise frame, and am taking it to the county fair!
 And this one from a distance
 Adjusting a beret.  Gotta get the tilt just right

 I took this from the bedroom window!
 And the home--oh my.  Bright and homey.  It was just exquisite in every way.
 I guess I just never thought about the possibility of being a gardener at Giverny!  My life would have taken a decidedly different turn.  I was really quite jealous of this young girl, even though all she appeared to be doing was weeding.  I AM an expert one of those!  I should have jumped in!

 In another couple of weeks my pictures would have probably been filled with people.  Lucky lucky us to come when we did.

 This shot looks exactly like a scene at Grounds for Sculpture in NJ!!!!!!

 The famous bridge just shows through in the center.  Fortunately someone on Google Images either photoshopped all the people out or yelled, "Fire!" and cleared the area for this...
 Absolutely beautiful...

 We heard this guy loud and clear!!  His camouflage was impeccable!  I had to stalk him!
 French school children.  Field trip extraordinaire.  I think I walked 4 miles to a sewage treatment plant for a field trip when I was this age...
I shall leave you with one shot of Monet's home and an assignment.  Find a book about it, get some chocolate, and just languish...just languish...just languish...


Tracy Giles said...

Gorgeous pictures!! I can see why that was one of your favorite places to visit!

Shelly said...

It seems like a different world. Why would we humans choose to live anywhere else???
(I just realized that I missed a bunch of posts, so I think I'm caught up now.)

Patti said...

*sigh* Absolutely lovely.

Season said...

Such a beautiful place! I'm going to have to get there as soon as possible.

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