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Monday, August 26, 2013

A Wee Bit More of France

This is a magic tile in front of Notre Dame Cathedral which is supposedly the center of Paris.  The first time I stood here with a large gang of Bear Lakers (50 of us!), we were instructed by our guide, Denis, to twirl on this tile, thus ensuring we would return to Paris.  I'm SUCH a believer!!!!!  Since that time I've been back to Paris 6 more times!!!!  For a country hick, THAT'S something!  So, I keep twirling!!  I taught some other Americans about this too, so I'm also a missionary of sorts.

We flashed our magic Eurail ticket and took a Saturday day trip to Provence.  Street markets--little pockets of rich goodness...

Coolness on wheels!!

A car for one!

Saints.  Provence is touted as one of the best preserved walled medieval cities in Europe.  12th century, I believe.

I took off up this hill to explore and found this

and this

and this plus a monastery waaaaaaaaaay over the way.

Paco found THIS and shared with me!

Back in the Paris metro, an orchestra!!!  Mozart!

We found a magnificent reclaimed 5 mile walkway built on an old rail line down by the Bastille.  We climbed up about 20 steps to get up onto it.

In my next life I want to be French.  I'll try not to snub Americans.  I truly DO think French culture and Paris ARE superior in soooooooo many ways.  Genteel, refined, old.  I feel like a water buffalo in this country, but I would love to not!

Quiet?  Unusually so.  Still no Eiffel Tower, you say?  I feel lower than bug spit to report that we didn't go.  Shameful, I know.  We saw it off in the distance.  Not this time.  Too many other places to explore.  Please don't report us to the French officials.  I can cough up all manner of pictures of it from other trips if that's any consolation.  One more stop and then it's home to Mt. Potato Peeler in good ol' Hidey-Ho!

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Patti said...

Stepping into Provence must be like stepping through time. Wonderful! I loved the little car for one, the 5 mile walkway, and the orchestra in the metro. I must go twirl!

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