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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Reunions Rock or Rocky Reunions

The John and Martha Taggart reunion only rolls around every other year. This year's event included a day in the woods and a night (if you were up to it). We painted rocks and ate out of ovens--Dutch style, even though there's not a Dutch gene in sight. My sisters and myself.
My nephew Jack and his clone clown!
Thomas tries his hand at a camouflage rock. Cool.
My over the top sister-in-law, Marilyn, did THIS with acrylics, bad bad brushes, and a rock. Oh and some foamy stuff she found lying around. Extraordinaire! No?
Nephew Jack's wife, Jo, seems to have married into the right family!


Shelly said...

How did I miss out on all the artistic genes in this family??? Those are amazing! I mean, I would expect nothing less from Aunt Marilyn but that camouflage rock is hands down the best.

Laura said...

Umm. . . I kinda wish my family was as cool as your family. Next reunion, I'm requiring everyone to paint rocks!

Patti said...

Oh my goodness! I would try rock painting at our next reunion but the bar has been set too high. Those are all amazing!

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