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Friday, July 15, 2011

Just Plumb Worn Out

Say howdy,
We'll ignore my complete disregard for this blog. I wouldn't exactly say I'm lazy. In my garden and the proximal regions you will find 13 (I counted them!) waist high mounds of weeds. I know I tend toward the boring when I harangue about flies and weeds. "ENOUGH ALREADY WITH THOSE!!!" I hear you shout. I'm just defending my work ethic. I have some interesting (yawn) pictures to post to fill in the cracks in the past almost month. In the meantime, I'm pausing reverently today to pay homage to my all-time favorite movie, "You've Got Mail" and to entreat you to join with me in putting this video to rest. Today I popped it in, settled down on the couch with a sweater I'm knitting, grabbed a handful of Jelly Bellies, and adjusted the dog at my side. But alas and alack, the tape is apparently just worn out. WHAT? Youmeanthesetapesdon'thavea10,000milesguarantee? I tried adjusting the tracking, cleaning the heads (I realize these are all antiquated terms now) with a head cleaning videocassette, and I even rigged up a Q-tip dipped in alcohol device which I attached to a pair of bamboo tongs in an attempt to clean the heads. Then the sound got slower and slower until Tom Hanks sounded drugged out of his mind! I tested the VCR with a Christmas with Mr. Bill video. Clear and clean. I admit defeat. Out to pasture it goes. This movie came out the year Paco and I got married. It has many elements of our courtship and early marriage--internet, anonymmity, children's books, NYC, and I dearly dearly love it. From the first time we saw it at the Ben Franklin Outlet Mall I was a die hard fan. I remember insisting it be the first movie Shelly watched when she returned from missionary work in Japan. I imagine I've watched it nearly 30 times--sometimes back to back. The only movie that can even come close is When Harry Met Sally--a blogpost for another day. A Meg Ryan and Nora Ephron junkie I admit I am. I'd better hoof it over to and peruse replacements. Anybody else out there worn out a movie???
Update: $4.69!!!!! Brand new deluxe anniversary dvd edition delivered in two days. Ahhhh...


Season said...

Whew, it's a good thing you got a new one. I didn't know that was your favorite movie! That's MY favorite movie too. Have we discussed this before and I'm just forgetting? I can't imagine forgetting something so crucial as discussing our favorite movie and then having them be THE SAME, but well, I'm not as with-it as I used to be. I probably put it on about once a month while I'm working.

Mad Hadder said...

No, I did NOT know that!!!! Amazing. I've never thought that Thomas "married his mom" like they say some boys do. You're a VAST improvement over me. But I guess we are alike on this!

Tracy Giles said...

Wait a second! It's one of mine as well. How come we didn't discuss this while watching Steel Magnolias together and talking about some of our favorite movies. Didn't we do that? Maybe we didn't.

Tracy Giles said...

Oh, and I also LOVE When Harry Met Sally. Such a great film.

Shell said...

Count me in on the You've Got Mail favorite movie too. I put it in regularly. It fills a good hole everyone now and then. Its a goodie. Glad you found a new copy. Hopefully it WILL be good for 10,000 more miles.

AmyJane said...

One of my all time faves as well!

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