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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Navigating, Negotiating, and Nonsense

Maybe I'll just stop with the title. I took a blog break--not planned or connived. I usually have all manner of enthusiasm for blogging--I find it refreshing, creative, and a heck of a great place to sprinkle my seemingly limitless dashes. Has anyone noticed that I am a dash-aholic???? I am--I find them the most fulfilling punctuation mark (marks?) by a landslide. Lately here we've been wooing spring--two steps forward, one back; three forward, EIGHTY FREAKING EIGHT back!!! And so on. I'm thinking by noon each day that perhaps we can roust out the electric car; then by 4 the clouds are billowing in, and snow once again rules.

We groomed Mugsy a while ago. A letter came from the Mastadon Associates that we did, indeed, need to either return Mugsy to Shih Tzu status or register him officially with them. In the process the groomer was forced to expose little piggy ears because of excessive ear matting. Who knew that Mugsy has little pig ears???

We've also been wrestling with future plans here. Paco is studying for the elementary PRAXIS test he'll need to pass prior to striding into the next chapter of his life in the inner bowels of Tulsa. He's ever so excited. The scene is not totally set yet--will update.

Today the track meet in Malad reduced my afternoon classes' attendance by 75%. So what are ya gonna do? We pushed the desks back, laid out my brand new Dollar Store baseball bases, found a foam dice, turned a roll of paper towels into a bat, and had a rousing game of baseball. I hit several home runs, thank you very much.

I didn't win the Kindle at the library. I DID read 49 books. I DID win a grandiose bottle of intoxicating body lotion

Can you see why I haven't been blogging? I'm boring myself half to death here.
But in the broader world, my darling blog friend in New Zealand has birthed yet another beautiful baby. My newly-pronounced atheist blog "friend" has gone beyond testy, and I'm tapering off there with her. I got into it a few times with her--so not worth it. But her chicken whispering sister is still one of my favorites. (The wind is howiling. If I see a cow blowing past, I will exit and stop mid-sentence. Just so you know.) The one blog I've been following for three years took an interesting turn. This gal has 7 kids, writes columns in all manner of women's magazines, is funny most of the time, and seems to find no problem with all 6 of her boys having hair clear down nearly to their waists! She recently announced that her marriage was over. I didn't see it coming.
I've started a whole new tower of reading on my nightstand. It stretches nearly up to the floating bookshelf on the wall. I've decided I'm never truly happy until I have at least 15 books percolating, another couple in-flight winging their way to I-DEEEE-HO from amazon, and more kid-reviewed ones basking on my desk at school. The concept of

Did I scare you? Did you think I'd seen a cow?????? The concept of one book at a time is foreign to me.

Flies. Oh my ever home-baked goodness, yes. They're sucky. Low low lifeforms. We have TWO hand vacs now, so I never have to have one minute of down time in my vigil.

And last but not least, never ever assume that the glimpse bloggers give into their lives of rosy perfection in any way resembles mine. I sometimes toss and turn in the night with a mind heavy as I review the losses of others, the inanity of the world at large, the general decline of so much around me, and an ever-emerging feeling that could perhaps be interpreted as gloomy foreboding. Just didn't want to give the false impression that we here at Everlasting Acres have it together--for very long--about most things--lest you think you're all alone. I fear sometimes we DO think we're all alone. Not so.


Jill said...

I have missed your blogging! And thank you so much for the visit this afternoon. I appreciate your insight and your caring. Thank you!!

Patti said...

Sitting here in the midst of spring I didn't realize that you were still snowbound. I think Amy's having better weather in Sweden than you are in Idaho. That's just sad! I LOVE the concept behind Teach for America. Paco should be proud that he was selected. That is a very big deal. We have history in Tulsa. That's where I knocked over a gas pump, if we ever told you the story. I enjoy everything you post -- no apologies necessary! Blog on!

Mad Hadder said...

Patti, You're about the only person who has even heard of Teach For America!!! I've been amazed.

Laurel Jensen said...

Sheesh...come on over and do a little cheering up why don't you????? (If you can stand the smell of paint.)

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