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Friday, April 29, 2011

Long Dry Spell

"We'd like to welcome back from a period of semi-comatose inactivity--Madhadder! Let's hear it! Give her a warm welcome!" It's been a fun, action-filled month, but I have had absolutely no inclination to blog. Nada. Contrary to normal spring tendencies, we don't feel rejuvenated here after a long winter. In fact, technically you could say we're STILL in the midst of winter! I kid you not. Snow. Wind. May two days away. As I look out the window here I see Paco fully suited up in his chore coat. He seems to be moving some large pieces of wood. I'm guessing this is his rendition of "Tomorrow is shearing day! Better make a shearing pen!" I'm going to miss ALL the fun because I'm headed out to see the traveling Broadway hit "Young Frankenstein". Poor poor me. But I'd like to be here too!!!!!! Paco will take pictures and give a blow by blow when I return. I hope our animals don't get hypothermia once they're shaved. I have a darling children's book about a herd of sheep who were sheared before the weather got warm, and the farmer's wife ended up knitting them all cute little sweaters!
17 more days of school. Our students ROCKED their state tests last week!!! Thank you very much!!! I spent a super two days in Park City while they tested away. Taking my Young Women to a 5 stake dance tonight. We're hunkering down here for big big changes. If I didn't think someone might stalk this blog and get the wrong idea, I might post about that. Email me and I'll share. And last but not least, here's a breathtaking exhibition of animation stupendity courtesy of my youngest son--a dilly of a kid. Enjoy!

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