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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Dr.!

What you can't see is the itty bitty bitty little Cat in the Hat hat on my daughter's new baby girl coming in May! Boy was that tricky getting it on her! I'm sitting here in my Cat in the Hat suit--I think this is year 13. The problem is that I get less and less of a reaction which is so not good! I think I may have to retire this year. It's been a good run. One girl said she hadn't even noticed that I was wearing it! Come on!!! The only slack I can possibly cut her is that she'd been to a funeral. I mean really...


Tracy Giles said...

Thanks so much for the hats and other fun stuff! The kids had so much fun wearing their hats around. Definitely keep the costume, I know a few grandchildren who would love to see you all dressed up!

Shelly said...

Boy you have a good looking family! Maybe you need to expand the audience to whom you wear the suit for. Your 7th grade crowd might not appreciate it that much. Do a thing at the library for the younger crowd or something. And of course, all grandbabies would love to see it!

Mad Hadder said...

It's not so much the kids' reactions--it's the adults. Therein lies the problem.

Season said...

7th graders don't appreciate anything until they're older anyway. But one day they'll look back...with thankfulness in their hearts....(are you tearing up? I am)

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