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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

2:35 A.M.

For all my sadistic readers who just love it when I'm up in the night, sleep eluded, sneaking biscotti and apple juice, pondering the apocolyptic fast-approaching end of life as we knew it, hunched by the space heater, peaking through, and rubbing my finger over all the dust on this desk. Picture me giggling at this video too. The female bird painter is a dead ringer for Christina in my knitting group!!! And she's from Portland too!!!! Unfortunately transferring clips from youtube shrinks them a bit, so you don't really get to see the charming gagging she does so well.
And while I have your attention, can I just say that going to Border's in Logan on Saturday night was oh so the saddest of occasions. They're closing! (she wails as she dabs at her eyes and snorts into a hanky) Yes, they're closing. Now the aisles are littered with books flung aside and stuffed animals facedown (I DID pick Olivia up gently and smooth her dress before I set her back on the shelf...) as FURTHER rude evidence that people are truly barbaric by nature for the most part. And those ghastly 25% off/Store Closing banners!
Why didn't they just suspend old ladies upside down from the ceiling instead? Or pictures of spider ice cream? I shuffled through absentmindedly humming the funeral dirge. My sanctuary where I had previously transmutated if only for a brief time hours and hours and hours on end has now become Filene's Basement. And then it will resemble GoodWill as the prices drop and drop, until at last, the store will sputter as it runs out of gas, closes its doors, and joins the ever-growing number of vacant storefronts across our great decrepit country, yet additional unqualified evidence that decency is slipping slipping slipping... And should you still mistake me for Pollyanna , let me hasten to add...Big Brother will have to PRY MY TRADITIONALLY BOUND BOOKS OUT OF MY BLOODY-STUMPED DEATHGRIP!!!! (Incidentally, yes that IS me in front of Border's. I'm growing facial hair in protest.)


Season said...

Oh no, if Borders is closing then we're REALLY in trouble. (P.S. I think you could totally pull off the facial hair look.) :)

Mad Hadder said...

I think I overheard one of the clerks say when I tried to hand him my usual coupon which he wouldn't accept because the books were already discounted (breathe) that I could use the coupon in the Provo store. Small consolation...

AmyJane said...

You get kind of intense in the middle of the night, huh? :)
I hear you though...I think I told you I got a Nook for Christmas which I have to confess to loving (the entire series of Anne Of Green Gables for 99 cents!) BUT. I have to alternate e-books with real books or I just don't feel whole.

Tracy Giles said...

We are so sad about our Borders and most Borders across the country closing. I think they said there will only be one left in CO. Bummer.

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