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Friday, February 12, 2010

Just Another Day...

Most Comical Moment: Paco's imitation of Mugsy having his temperature taken at the vet's today.

Most Inspired Moment: Roasting garlic for tomorrow's chili cook-off entry!

Most Sober Moment: Watching "Happy Valley" on dvd and entering the real life lives of four people on prescription drugs--oh my goodness...That green jello on the cover really misled me!

Most Grateful Moment: Having an adult conversation with Paco about the REALLY REALLY good side of a non-philandering spouse!

Most Regretful Moment: Not starting the sewing project with my neighbor that we wanted to.

Most Anticipated Moment: Snuggling on the couch by the fire watching the Olympics! I LUUUUUURVE the Winter Olympics!! Gotta go find my Roots beret!

Most Relaxed Moment: Knitting in my loft--ahhh...

Most Like-Any-Other-Day Moment: Backing a forklift into my classroom to load the stack of autobiographies that I need to read and proof this weekend.

Most Tongue-Clucking Moment: Watching the Dallas high school students on the news turning a snowball fight into a gang brawl!!!! FIFTY teachers didn't arrive at school today there?????

Most Grandmotherly Moment: Cramming just one last thing into Petey's birthday box.

Most Educational Moment: Learning that garbanzo beans take only 20-25 minutes in the pressure cooker.

Most Heathen Moment: Contemplating adding some of Paco's Uncle Tom's Washington wine to my chili...

Most Back-to-Nature Moment: Pausing to enjoy the absolutely gorgeous peaceful 8 A.M. snowfall and watching Mugsy eat the flakes right out of the air...


Laura said...

I agree that the falling snow was absolutely gorgeous and positively mesmorizing to watch.

Now I am just wondering how I am going to drive home!

Jill said...

What a wonderful day you had. Wish I could say the same about mine.

Shelly said...

Question: Where was Mugsy's temperature taken and just how was Paco able to imitate it? That's what I wanna know.
This chili is much anticipated. I hope it turned out. You may have ventured on to a "Baby Boom" sort of road...better get out your canning jars.

Shelly said...

Oh and thank you for the surprise Valentine's package. Very cool! We haven't "popped" one yet but we will tomorrow.

Mad Hadder said...

Mugsy is not really capable of holding a thermometer in his mouth, so he only has one other hole...Didn't place at the chili fest--loosey goosey very very fast judging. I was disappointed because my chili was very good but probably too sophisticated. It had the black beans and rice garnish on top as well as avocados and corn chips. The first place award went to just plain MAN hot stuff. Could have come out of a can. Watch out that those poppers don't hit an eye.

Season said...

I luuuurve the Winter Olympics too!

eileen c said...

How's Mugsy these days?

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