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Monday, June 29, 2009


So I'll save you the trouble of youtubing "weeds'. This is what you get! Actually this is a pretty good depiction of what my life is NOT--nor my neighborhood. Let me also put something else to rest in your mind--YES, I am Weed Champion of the Universe! It was between me and a Mongolian monk, but he conceded to me when it was readily apparent that even HE was out of his league. The deciding score that put me over the top was a weed I pulled that had a small Chinese child attached to the other end. I'm going to Stockholm for my prize next week (if I can get away). I hope it's a back brace.


eileen c said...

So when does the Weed Across America tour start up again... I have more weeds than I can stand... and not a moment to pull them.

eileen c said...

Oh and thanks for choosing this specific one -- I love Elvis Costello

Mad Hadder said...

We're thinking of reviving that tour actually. We'll need to get in shape, but hopefully that training will not end like Michael Jackson's did!

Tom Giles said...
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Tom Giles said...

I don't know if you're familiar with that tv show. It's about a stay at home mom who sells marijuana. A little out of taste don't you think, mom?

Mad Hadder said...

Yeah, if you think shabbily of mothers trying to make money to feed their kids.

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