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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hold the Phone!!

We've had so many inquiries about our little mother-to-be, Dalai. Paco and I redefine the word "novice" when it comes to all we know about llamas! We both thought we heard that the baby would come in May. As you know, it's now mid-June! I called the woman from whom the llamas originated. (She was not the owner, just the middleman, mind you.) Drum roll....please. The due date is LATE JULY!!!! She said the gestation period is 11 months, AND a breeding was witnessed last August! That's all the details I have on THAT, so I don't want my comment box flooded. OK? Now that makes more sense! We were so disappointed and had begun telling all you inquiring minds that it must have been a false alarm and to stop knitting booties! So stick with us for another six weeks. Apparently the only sign that a llama is pregnant is a cria (look at me dropping llama words...) on the ground! Also, it's probably time to forewarn you that we can't touch the baby for 6 months! If you do (especially a male) the mother will go "beserk"--that's the technical term and it means exactly what you thought it meant! I guess we'll have to make some sort of sign to put up in the nursery...The rest of the story is that we have multiple family reunions scheduled here at Rancho Llamacita beginning--you guessed it--the end of July.
A Teaser...


Tracy Giles said...

That would be so great if we are there when baby llama comes. Good to know she is still prego. I was wondering what was happening with that.

Shelly said...

That WOULD be so neat if the deliver happened. We may be going through the whole inducing labor fiasco all over again. Start stocking up in the raspberry leaf tea and the Black Cohosh. A bumpy ride on the tractor???
I was explaining to Charlie that we'll get to see llamas at Grandma Hadd's this summer while we were watching the video. He goes, "Where's Grandma?" thinking you were in the video.

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