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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Domestic Update

The saurkraut is ripening as we speak. I smelled it wafting up from the basement as I passed the cellar door this morning. If its readiness mirrors the saurkraut stories Paco tells of his Czech grandmother in Minnesota, the MINUTE it is ready we'll have to freeze all activities mid-step to bottle it! Last night we made 6 pints of blackberry jam. We're full swing into wheat grass production. I've been swigging a jigger of wheat grass juice down about every other day which should account for any surprise "Moo's" that I may emit. Dalai is looking radiantly with child--she's probably down to weeks. Have I mentioned how sweetly these animals eat out of our hands? I'm researching llama de-fleecing techniques. A sheep farmer I conversed with says that he just "traps" his amongst the sheep flock and goes at it! I asked for an invitation to the next one of those. He agreed and also reminded me to come for my llama fleece he's giving me to spin. My wool carders which I received for my birthday arrived yesterday. Next step--figuring out how to clean the fleeces I have piled up in the chicken coop. The rhubarb is coming up as are the lilies. Pastures are greening. Mugsy took a nap under the crabapple tree yesterday. Paco smoked ten pounds of chicken yesterday. And the wheels here at Peaceful Acres crank on...


Mad Hadder said...

Are those colors better?

Shelly said...

Oops, that was me up there.

Mad Hadder said...

Yes, and thanks for the picture updates. It was time.

Mad Hadder said...

Yes, and thanks for the picture updates. It was time.

Jill said...

You and Paco are an inspiration! Makes me want to be more productive! I did get my oats in buckets this morning and my bulk spices in baby food containers. Sarah has been saving both containers for me from work and from Miss Marlee's food.
Beautiful grandchildren you have!

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