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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sleeping Goats

Some stories are just too good to pass up. Thanks to the wonders of technology we can preserve them! And add a graphic as well! Yesterday one of my seventh graders was telling about his uncle-we must have been talking about llamas. This uncle's goats got into the house one night while everyone was sleeping and really made a mess of things AS YOU CAN WELL IMAGINE!!!!! Particularly the uncle was livid to be awoken by them and discover plants clipped down to the roots and mounds of other disgusting stuff deposited around the house!!!! Oh the images!!! In his fury he grabs his gun after herding the goats outside--I'm thinking my student said there were four goats. He shoots the goats and then drives the 4-wheeler up to load them in for the trip to the top of the hill where I guess he would dig a mass grave or leave them for predators. Just as he's taking off, trailer piled high with goat remains, the little daughter (aroused now by the ruckus, I imagine) looks out the window and exclaims, "Mommy! Why is daddy taking those sleeping goats on a 4-wheeler ride?" I know I shouldn't have found ANY of that story funny, but oh I so did...

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Ruuddudes said...

I'm laughing, too, now and have to go ask my girls who it is you are talking about!

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