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Friday, January 30, 2009

"Excuse Me. Is That an Elephant On Your Divan?"

Paco joined millions of our fellow Americans on the unemployed lists in December. The initial news felt like a blast of foreboding chilly air, but we've warmed and adapted. Gallup headquarters is no longer at risk of attack: "Crazed English teacher storms corporate headquarters and pelts stink bombs into the lap of the CEO while stunned on-lookers attempt to restrain her." No, we've chosen the moral high ground on this touchy matter. Actually Paco and I are committed to pioneering our way into this global economic crisis. We will bravely go where no man has gone before so that you may all learn how to thrive in the coming times with grace, thrift, and perhaps even humor. We've cut out some frills (How many of those satellitle channels do you REALLY watch?), tightened our spending, refinanced our home, laid in a mountain of food storage, and listed another mountain of stuff on eBay! Paco is happier than I've ever seen him. He's rediscovered his guitar and banjo, and I find him singing Hootenanny style in front of the fire! Singing!!! "She'll be wearing knit pajamas when she comes. She'll be wearing knit pajamas when she comes. She'll be wearing knit pajamas made from handspun wool from llamas, oh she'll wear her knit pajamas when she comes!" We're growing some wheatgrass under growlights in our basement, and when spring comes, up goes the greenhouse! It's all good. Never has the future taken on such a blank canvas sort of complexion, and if that sounds like an adventure...well then grab your guitar and make some music! Keep posted. We'll update with all manner of providential living savvy. Just scouting out the territory! Paving the way! "Oh the times--they are a changing..."


Meredith said...

Always the optimist! I appreciate it.

Shelly said...

You know what your problem is, Mom, you can make anything and everything sound like a most exciting adventure. That is why I never knew we were poor growing up. It was always a fun game---life.

Mad Hadder said...

Lest anyone get the wrong impression--I spent nearly a month walking along the bottom...

Tracy Giles said...

Had you decided not to take the high road and really go throw stink bombs, I hope you would have invited me to come along. Sounds fun! Glad things are going so well. We really want to come out and see you.

Patti said...

Between the greenhouse and the llamas we're in for some good times. Let the sharing begin! :D

Janssen said...

You guys have such a great attitude. Good for you.

momomom said...

I was just talking to my hubby and his company is looking for someone who can do competitive strategy research - does that sound up "paco's" alley? They want "someone who could look at what competition is doing and keep the executives up to date" so says dh. You'd have to move to SLC or the California office, though. :(
If you want info on the company, let me know we're family friends with the CEO - imo, they are the next big thing in computer hard drives. - Steve Wasniak (of Apple fame) just signed on. Now I'm name dropping. yick.
Anyway, wish you the best.

Mad Hadder said...

Tiffany Hi! Sure that would be totally up his alley! email me at

Mad Hadder said...

Tiffany Hi! Sure that would be totally up his alley! email me at

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