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Thursday, December 25, 2008

"This is the Worst Christmas Ever!"

I've been trying to post the last few days, but Blogger has been technically constipated or something! I wanted to write about the breakfast adventures of my homeroom class on Tuesday complete with Mr. A pouring bacon grease down the water fountain seconds before a responsible person appeared. I would also have regailed you with the description of trying to catch a gallon of Sunny D before it hit the floor and the cap flew off and trying to vacuum up scrambled eggs which had been ground into the carpet. Then one kid didn't get a gift exchange gift because he said that he'd seen the kid who chose him throw the slip of paper on the floor. I had to hustle around to find a replacement gift, but I didn't do so well at commenting on how to deal with peer rejection. Kids can be cruel and cold. I heard an explanation of the adolescent brain (or lack thereof) at a conference once. The presenter gave scientific evidence that their brains in FACT do NOT make all synapses--thus explaining bacon grease down sinks and heartless gift omissions. It's Christmas morning--way earlier than I wanted to be up. Heavy stuff on my mind--a gift I hadn't planned on receiving. Thanks to the giver...Back atcha. I guess every 55th Christmas is designated as the sacrificial "BAD" one, huh? Speaking of bad, I ran afoul of some crazy wheat! Is nothing sacred anymore? Can't I even trust wheat??????? I ground some wheat last night, made the bread as usual, but the dough was the consistency of cookie dough--no elasticity at all!!! Weird. It DID show signs of wanting to rise, though, so I cooked it. It looks leaden. I had some wheat disasters in Omaha and ended up hauling a couple of buckets across the street and pouring it out for the birds. I need to investigate this wheat--where did it come from? Why did it grind so slowly? What was the black dust it left behind in the grinder hopper? Why is it picking on ME?????? I shall exit my merry self, but I hope you have a pleasant holiday.


Jill said...

Merry Christmas, M and J! I hope your day gets better.

Shelly said...

In such times as these, maybe it helps to reflect on good Christmas's of the past. A few come to mind: The attack of the finger nails in the car, on our way home to watch Edward Scissorhands; days after Christmas spent in China; Christmas spent at Aunt Norma's (telescope, laptop, etc.); milk jug lights lining the driveway...

Mad Hadder said...

You're right. The good memories FAR outweigh the not so good. We enjoyed the time tonight at the nursing home filling the air with braetzle smells and then visited our neighbors. It was very pleasant. Jerry's in dishing up huckleberry ice cream which we're taking up to our bed where we'll watch a movie under the electric blanket. mmmmmm.....

Kenna / Bubblegum said...

hey Mrs. Hadd! I finally updated my blog so if u want to come c it!...

Tracy Giles said...

I'm so sorry that you guys were all alone up there. We'll make sure next Christmas you will be surrounded by your grandchildren who love you dearly! Lily is extremely excited about riding a llama, can you even ride a llama?

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