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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

"Let's Put Our Cloven Hooves Together For...!"

Free to a good home on New Year's Eve!! The light female is pregnant and due in May. Mr. looks like he has on a pair of brown slacks and a white shirt. Maybe he should be Elder __________________! We've been informed that we have enough room for 50 llamas, but why? Very very fun. Names? Mugsy freaked out when they got out of the horse trailer. Normally llamas put dogs in their place toot sweet, but I'm not sure they KNEW Mugsy was a dog! He was just a white blob charging through the snow to them! Could have been any form of rodent or even something robotic! Wish us well with our motorized floaty thing that keeps the trough water from freezing.


Jill said...

Are these so you can make your own yarn and knit more? :)

Shelly said...

You got llamas?????
Is this a late Christmas gift or are you just boarding them??
I wanna just hug their neck. How receptive are they to affection?

Mad Hadder said...

The llamas are ours? We're going to let them get acclimated AND give them lots of treats before we start loving on them. Can you believe we're going to have a baby in May????? Won't that be wonderful?

Mad Hadder said...

The llamas are out!!! Not ours?

Mad Hadder said...

Not out!!!! OURS!!!

eileen c said...

Wow you've been busy!!! I hope the new year brings hope, love and joy. How are those for llama names?
Happy new year!!!

Aubrey Norby said...

Cute Llama mamma and papa!

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